I’m back.

I took a break to add new features to an older game I made and was busy with job hunting that I had to take a break on Word Crisis, but I’m back.

The biggest thing that I’ve been pondering about lately is whether to make this game more old style like FF7 where you move around and enter a random battle or if I can avoid that entirely and fight enemies on the path you move on. The latter is preferred but far more challenging with many design hurdles to solve. To give an idea, if there are 5 enemies spread out on the screen and you attack but get a word incorrect, how does the game track that you got that word wrong for that specific enemy? It would get very repetitive if you had to choose the enemy each time, so I’ll have to create a smart selection system that tries to select the closest one in front of you with the option for the user to override it.

There are many other hurdles, but that’s just one example.

Word List

The status right now is that there is two lists. One for all words and one for seen words. When you see a new word, it is added in the seen word pile with a future date. When the next word is considered, it checks to see if the word in the future date is ready, if not, it grabs a new word. There is no “smart” time yet (i.e. incremental spaced repetition), but all the data needed to do it is available. It’ll take some fiddling to find out an appropriate increment to the time. There probably will be a way to adjust the variable for the user as well as we all learn at different speeds.

Hello Word Crisis.

I have decided to pursue my interest in making an RPG game that teaches foreign languages kind of similar to how Slime Forest or knuckles in Chinaland works. In those games, you encounter enemies and translate words to fight. The major difference is that this game will not be limited to one language and for it to feel more engaging. There will be more ways to engage in a battle than just typing names, there will be spells to perhaps light yourself in the dark, teleport, heal and much more.


Current Progress:

The name has finally been decided as Word Crisis. The words have been stolen and you must recover them.

The game is in its very very early stages with placeholder art. Some vocabulary lists like Korean, Japanese, and Spanish have been created. No progress is saved at the moment. The current focus is with Korean to teach users how to type Korean (their keyboards work similar to a Dvorak keyboard, vowels on the right), and be able to answer with English letters or the Korean alphabet. Setting up a more complex language first will make it easier to add simpler languages to the game later on.

Please note that anything is subject to change at any time.