Hello Word Crisis.

I have decided to pursue my interest in making an RPG game that teaches foreign languages kind of similar to how Slime Forest or knuckles in Chinaland works. In those games, you encounter enemies and translate words to fight. The major difference is that this game will not be limited to one language and for it to feel more engaging. There will be more ways to engage in a battle than just typing names, there will be spells to perhaps light yourself in the dark, teleport, heal and much more.


Current Progress:

The name has finally been decided as Word Crisis. The words have been stolen and you must recover them.

The game is in its very very early stages with placeholder art. Some vocabulary lists like Korean, Japanese, and Spanish have been created. No progress is saved at the moment. The current focus is with Korean to teach users how to type Korean (their keyboards work similar to a Dvorak keyboard, vowels on the right), and be able to answer with English letters or the Korean alphabet. Setting up a more complex language first will make it easier to add simpler languages to the game later on.

Please note that anything is subject to change at any time.

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